Arrival Day 1, 8 May, Picture Blog

This is great place ! NO QRM ! All exhausted from the journey (we left Belgium at 5h00AM), but still enough energy to start mounting the first Antenna (the HEX Beam). The 6m Moxon beam is also ready on a second mast.

The first QSO’s have been made already world wide, with great pile ups. The Hex beam seems to perform excellent, and is now about 12m above the ground, and perfect direction US state side, and South America.

The WIFI links have been setup on base camp, and the caravan (shack 80m, and 160m). A 2Mbit/sec internet link is now distributed to all area’s with Wireless and cable.

Fun and technical achievements ! It looks perfect so far ! Ready for day 2, 9 May 2018 !

We finished the day with a Diner at the White Mouse restaurant, a jazzy place.