The GB9OSA Team details ..

Who are we …the Whities :
Eddy .. the man who is organising our radio trips !
Several years of experience by travelling once in while towards a remote location.
He is in charge of the bookings, tickets, and budget control.
Operator with the OT5A contest team, ON7LR. During MAY 2018, participates UBA Birthday with the call sign OT70OSA


Jan .. the man who prepares our breakfast !
However …this time, he might have some time of for QSO’s, since we booked a Bed & breakfast location.
Our teamleader for the technical setup.
He loves the preparation and the dismantel of our equipment.
You might hear him on the radio for pile-ups 😉
Active contest member from the OT5A, 160m team.


Fons ..
He knows camping and how to operate a radio in the field !
And active member of the OSA team, and the WestHinder III team.
Welcoming Fons in the expedition team. He has been a guest operator from the SK3BG Radioclub, for the SF3HF station (Hemsö Island) .
Also several activations from SI9AM (Utanede-Zweden), and in 2012 …a first European position on the UBA SSB Contest  !
A valuable member for voice and digital, always looking for a technical solution !


Dieter .. A well know ham radio man in the Belgium Digital world.
A busy man, who has many talents. His hobby, his work !
We are glad to have him on board, and remind us always about the smallest technical details !
Everything needs to be proper. Welcome in the team !


Jean ..
A most experienced operator and technical force !
He has been part of successful contest stations, and knows the HF bands !
Whilst he traveled the world, he speaks many languages.
Welcome in the team.
Active contest member from the OT5A team.


Ward ..
Our Big MAN ! the youngest team member, who is busy with radio’s and VHF/UHF/SHF all day !
Digital, Voice, or CW.. all fine for him.
Active contest member from the OT5A team, ON7LR.
He lives during the night..hence, we might find him on the dark bands .. Look out for him during MAY 2018, he participates UBA Birthday with the call sign OT70LIR.


Ward de Ridder
Ward de Ridder

Wilfried, ON4AFW QRZ.COM

Wilfried ..
Always looking for some technical challenges.
He will ensure that the IT part works, networks running, and QSO logging is done.
Enjoying HAM since he was a boy.
The next challenges are at CW level ! QRS ! But speeding up.
Active contest member from the OT5A team, ON7LR. OT5A IT member and 80m band adjunct for ON5PVH. Also during MAY 2018, participates UBA Birthday with the call sign OT70LIR.