Team members

Eddy ON6EF

Expeditionleader of many dx peditions , ssb operator , untill 31 oktober technical servant and then retirement , usa traveler , wwff and iota operator

Dieter ON9DJ

It all started when I was 7 years old playing on the street using walkie talkies. When I was 21, I raised my own company with radiocommunication.
Ten years ago I heard that HAM radio OM’s were starting up a DMR network. This was very interesting for me, because I already used DMR at my company. So I got my base license to be able to participate. My callsign was then ON3DMR.
A few years later I received my full license as a radio amateur with the callsign ON9DJ.
I have a lot of interest in HAM radio technology, but my top 5 is:

  1. DX-ing
  2. WWFF (outdoor shack)
  3. Iota activation
  4. Contesting @OT5A
  5. JOTA promotor


Started with Ham radio in 1984 with the call sign ON4AWT. Meanwhile also owner of the vanity call OT7A.
I mostly worked in SSB and sometimes RTTY as well. Later I also tried other digimodes such as packet radio and APRS. From 1985 I was “low profile” due to family expansion and sometime in 2001 I became “active” again. We often camp and travel, especially towards Scandinavia. In 2013 I was in Morokulien, SJ9WL – LG5LG, activated SI9AM, together with ON5RZ and ON7DS, during several ON contests in January, and I also was a guest operator at the activation of SF3HF Hemsö Fästning … At home and from our camping spot in the Netherlands you can work me mainly in the new digi modes such as PSK and FT8. With the help of OSA members, I participate in renovating the radio room of the WEST-HINDER III in Antwerp and finally, I also participate in the multi multi contests at OT5A twice a year. The picture below is in front of the Fredsmonumentet i Morokulien statue.


I’m a formal IT’er on retirement. My passions are ham radio (cw-ssb-ft8-sstv), photography, genealogy and family history

ON1BN Kris

While studying electronics I got in contact with hamradio via my father ON6II who started in 1976.

In 1977 I succeeded to obtained my license ON1BN

After starting with some repeater work and optimizing my station for RTTY and packed Radio, I stopped all activity in 1986. Work and traveling dominated my activity calendar.

But with electronics and radiocommunications in my genes I took off the dust from my transceivers again late 2011.

In March 2012 I participated for the first time as operator at the European Contest station OT5A. Since than my hamradio activity got a boost.

Besides th WPX and the CQWW, I participate in activations, expeditions and enjoy the fox hunting.

My interest goes out in building interfaces between the different hamradio components and testing them for ergonomic and reliability.

Besides hamradio I also like to build model boats, driving Morgan Car’s.

I am not obsessed, there is still time for vacation, preferably with the camper. The KX3 goes with me.


HAM radio operator since 1986. Not very active but mostly interested in designing, constructing antenna’s of different models and sizes.
Also working on retractable and air pressure masts. Especially Clark Masts.
Since several years helping with the restauration of our Lightship 3 WEST HINDER. Of course all maritime radio operation gets special attention.
And not to forget our yearly DXpeditions with my college amateurs.

ON7TA Karel

Started playing with radios since I was 8 years old. After the house-wife-kids episode I gained my license in 2011. Most interested in digital modes and QRP SSB on mountains (SOTA). Love to ride my bicycle and motorbike (Yamaha 9GT). In my profession I’m a ICT system engineer.

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